Fidgeting with Fabrication

The Maker Movement The Maker Movement celebrates the transition from technological consumer to producer, emphasizing the need for all individuals to learn the skills necessary to critically create in the modern world (Blikstein, 2013). While this movement started in tech-centric hackerspaces, K-12 administrators and teachers are now considering the power that making holds to rethink … More Fidgeting with Fabrication

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health

Across mental health outcomes, youth of color often have less access to mental health services and poorer quality mental health services than their White peers. Diagnoses of specific disorders are also unequal. Given a specific set of behaviors, youth of color tend to be diagnosed with conduct disorder or oppositional defiance disorder while their White … More Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health

When Students Miss School

Each fall, numerous efforts among educators are made to ensure that student attendance is a top priority. Pioneered by the nonprofit AttendanceWorks, September is now recognized as national attendance awareness month. As evidence of the success of such campaigns, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, also recently recognized September as Attendance Awareness Month for … More When Students Miss School

Women in Engineering: Can CTE help close the gender gap?

In the field of engineering, a concerning pattern has begun to emerge: a large proportion of students who enter college planning to major in engineering do not end up graduating with an engineering degree. Contrast this with other STEM fields where the proportion of students persist at much higher rates. Furthermore, the gender gap in … More Women in Engineering: Can CTE help close the gender gap?